Kilt Alterations, Repairs & Restoration

Need your kilt altered?   Kilt buckles moved?   Hand stitched hem?  Please contact me for a quote.

Damaged section of kilt to be removed

Front of Restored Kilt

For this old kilt, the pleats were damaged in both the fell area and below, with the most damage below the fell. This kilt had previously been altered from an approximately 28-30″ waist kilt to a 24″ kilt by moving the buckles.  This meant there was significant overlap (wrapping nearly twice around a 24″ waist band member) , so the solution was to remove the damaged section of the back pleats and move the buckles to proper locations.

The apron area of this kilt is large for a 24″ kilt due to original design, but even without modifying the apron smaller, this kilt looks nearly as good as new.

Restored Band Kilt

Restored Kilt — Resized and Repaired


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