Restoring a Damaged Kilt


Alex Dancing

Dancing at SFU Internation Event @ SFU Surrey Campus Piper: Andrew Lee, SFU Pipeband

My kids have been in the highland dance and bagpipe community since my 11yo started dancing in 2006.   First we started with dance lessons, and since then all have danced, the two oldest have taken up the bagpipes, my youngest has taken up the side drum.

A few years ago I was given the opportunity to take a kilt making course.  Here is the start of my first traditional kilt.

This kilt wasn’t finished until 2012 when she needed her new kilt.   And was altered (lengthened and buckles moved) this spring.  Here she is in pink with all her friends from her dance studio at the Provincial Championships.

2014 Provincial Championships

2014 Provincial Championships





Band Kilt

Kilt Reconstructed June 2014

Well used band kilt

Damaged Kilt

And sometimes I work on band kilts…. See some more photos of kilts I have altered or restored, Restoring a damaged Kilt. For a complete post on the kilt repair, check out my personal blog Custom Kilt Repair Completed.


If you are in need of kilt alterations, please contact me for a quote.


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